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The basis of pediatric dentistry

The basis of pediatric dentistry.

Is the prevention of caries of deciduous and permanent teeth and the prevention of malocclusion. All preventive procedures are completely painless, allowing the child to become accustomed to the office and the doctor. So when the need for caries treatment happens after all, it will go without unnecessary stress.

At Goodent clinic, we take care of our youngest patients with special care and a lot of experience. We start with the first adaptation visit, and then every 6 months we remind the child about the check-up visits. In the form of play and pleasant conversation we familiarize the child with the course of the oral examination, we observe the growing milk teeth one by one, we correct bad habits, we teach how to properly take care of oral hygiene. The brave patient always receives a small gift as a reward for courage and patience.

However, if deciduous teeth become decayed, it is imperative to implement treatment as soon as possible to avoid the spread of infection and the need for premature removal of deciduous teeth. If the child is under the regular care of a dentist, often the first cavities are diagnosed early enough to be treated without drilling, with intensive remineralization. Larger cavities are filled with special colored materials with a high fluoride content. Patients at our clinic always have the option of choosing the color of the filling with glitter, which is an added attraction, as well as an effective way to distract from the procedure itself.

In preparation for a child’s visit to the dentist, we suggest watching a cartoon about Peppa Pig with your child.