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Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment.

Or endodontic, is necessary when there is irreversible inflammation, or necrosis of the tooth mass. It involves removing the infected miasm and replacing it with a permanent healing and stabilizing material. The procedure makes it possible to save the diseased tooth, which will retain its functions for many more years.

At the Goodent clinic, endodontic treatment is performed by dentists with many years of experience, who, in addition to their knowledge, pride themselves on extreme precision. Their competence is supported by the latest specialized equipment and top-quality components. The procedure is routinely performed using a dental microscope, which allows for perfect obturation and filling of root canals. When preparing the canals, the doctor is assisted by a specialized, computer-controlled system for locating the apex of the canal. The doctor also has the ability to control the entire process of root canal treatment in real time with an X-ray machine.

Root canal treatment at the Goodent clinic is completely painless, as it is carried out under local anesthesia properly selected for each patient.

Toothache should not be ignored. It is necessary to see a doctor immediately. Prompt medical intervention often avoids root canal treatment. And if you already need root canal treatment, immediate implementation of the appropriate procedures will avoid the spread of infection to the peri-dental tissues and the whole organism.