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Radiovisiography allows for minimizing the harmful radiation dose during imaging by up to 90% compared to conventional X-rays using film-based cassettes.

Goodent clinic is equipped with a state-of-the-art digital system for taking x-rays (RVG): Sirona radiovisiograph. The images are taken in the dental chair, including during the procedure. The image is obtained instantly. After a few seconds, they appear on the monitor screen and can be processed as needed (zoomed in, zoomed out, rotated, contrasted). Among other things, radiovisiography allows precise assessment of the length of the tooth canal, determination of what is the bone density, analysis of the correctness of the canal filling and even detection of early stages of caries.

CBCT dental CT scanner
Goodent Clinic provides its patients with the highest standards of dental care and diagnostics. In its daily work, it uses a dental computed tomography scanner (CBCT), which enables 3D imaging using cone-beam radiation. In less than one minute, with a lower radiation dose, the doctor obtains a virtual three-dimensional reconstruction of the examined area: he can see, without distortion or overlapping details, all anatomical structures from any angle, including nerves, blood vessels, tooth roots, the position of the nasal sinuses. Thus, even complex procedures can be planned and carried out in the safest way for the patient. This method of diagnosis replaces dental X-rays, panoramic, cephalometric, occlusal, temporomandibular joint X-rays, giving additional information in addition. It is used in implantology, endodontics, orthodontics, surgery and periodontology