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Prosthodontics in one day

Prosthodontics in one day.

Prosthodontics using digital technology (CEREC)

is an innovative system for making aesthetic tooth restorations (veneers, crowns, bridges) using digital technology (CAD/CAM, or Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing). The entire process of creating dental restorations is computer-assisted and involves four stages:

  • scanning – an optical impression of the teeth made by an intraoral digital microcamera; the process by which a digital 3D image of the patient’s dentition is created
  • Design and development of a model of the prosthetic work on the computer screen in a virtual three-dimensional image of the mouth; the precision and accuracy of this step is ensured by 28-fold magnification of the real image
    cutting out the developed prosthetic model from finished ceramic blocks on a computer-controlled precision milling machine (milling accuracy of 19-25μm)
  • firing of the prosthetic work in the Sirona SPEEDFIRE furnace in order to obtain the best visual effect and physical and chemical properties of the work

The doctor attaches the prepared veneer or crown to the patient’s tooth , using a specialized composite adhesive, which, after light curing, bonds the ceramic to the tooth into a single unit. With perfect adhesion, matching color and shape, the new teeth are indistinguishable from the patient’s natural teeth.

Goodent Clinic has a CEREC device that allows prosthetic restorations to be made in a 60-minute single visit. That’s why we often talk about prosthetics in one day.

An experienced doctor with specialized training oversees the entire process. Taking a digital impression with a scanner takes from several seconds to several minutes, depending on the prosthetic restoration being made, and is completely painless and unobtrusive. The prosthetic restoration is developed on a virtual model on a computer screen during the visit. The Goodent clinic makes sure that the design takes into account each patient’s individual needs and matches their natural teeth. The appropriate color and hardness of the ceramic blocks are also selected at this stage. The patient sees a virtual prosthetic work on the screen. It is digitally sent to the milling machine only after the patient accepts it.

Goodent clinic uses only the highest quality materials. The factory-prepared ceramic blocks from which the prosthetic restoration is milled are produced under laboratory conditions, are free of artifacts, bubbles, structural defects and are 4 times more durable than traditional crowns and bridges.

Goodent Clinic’s doctor fits the finished restoration and attaches it in the patient’s mouth. Because of the digital accuracy of the entire process, the prepared restorations always fit perfectly.

Patients leave our clinic with a beautiful, perfect smile and all this in action – teeth in one day.