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Deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of malocclusion, dental abnormalities as well as other disorders of the oral cavity, such as shortened frenulum, abnormal tongue work or breathing through the mouth. Altering the alignment of teeth can positively affect chewing function, swallowing, breathing patterns, pronunciation and smile aesthetics, and indirectly on facial appearance.

At Goodent clinic we accept patients of all ages. Orthodontic prophylaxis is worth implementing from an early age, which is why we invite children around the age of 3 (after all milk teeth have erupted) for their first visit. We welcome our youngest patients so that visits are comfortable and stress-free for them and so that they leave our office with a smile on their face. And if it is necessary to start treatment, we have a wide selection of braces for children, the appearance of which (color, accessories) little patients can choose for themselves.

We have the opportunity to perform all the examinations needed in the course of diagnosing both children and adults at our clinic. We have the most modern equipment for x-rays, CBCT, computer analysis of occlusion and bone. For the comfort of our patients, we perform computer scans of teeth instead of traditional impressions.

We always determine the treatment plan together with the patient and tailor it to his needs. At the same visit, we also provide the cost of the entire treatment.

We provide a wide range of treatment methods, including

  • treatment with removable braces (braces for children)
  • treatment with fixed metal braces
  • treatment with permanent aesthetic braces
  • overlay treatment (using transparent removable overlays.