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Implantology is the restoration of teeth based on tooth implants. It takes advantage of the possibilities offered by the discovery that titanium can integrate with human tissue. Titanium implants inserted into bone, once integrated, can act as tooth roots and be used as pillars to restore missing teeth.

Goodent Clinic provides its patients with implant care at the highest level. At the first visit, the doctor assesses the patient’s condition on the basis of CBCT radiography and informs about the planned course of treatment. Already at this stage our patient is informed what the total cost of the procedures used will be.

Implant placement at Goodent dental clinic is carried out by renowned surgeons with many years of experience. The procedure is performed quickly, using the most modern materials and tools.

At the Goodent clinic, we use the OSSTEM IMPLANT implant system because, in our experience, OSSTEM IMPLANT implants are of excellent quality: they guarantee full biocompatibility and thus ensure effective integration of the implant into the bone. Treatment with OSSTEM IMPLANT reduces healing time and guarantees excellent durability for many years. Clinical studies confirm that properly implanted OSSTEM IMPLANT implants provide a clinical success rate of 99.6%.
OSSTEM IMPLANT implants are covered by a lifetime warranty in accordance with its terms and conditions.

that dental implants are the only solution to properly restore the function and natural appearance of your teeth! They will improve your quality of life and you will feel better both physically and mentally.