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Dr. Piotr is a dentist specializing in oral surgery. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the Warsaw Medical University in 2016. He completed his postgraduate internship at the Central Military Medical Clinic “Cepelek”. In 2022, Dr. Piotr passed the specialization exam in oral surgery at the Warsaw Medical University. He also serves as an assistant at the Department of Oral Surgery at WUM. Continuously deepening his knowledge, he actively participates in numerous training sessions both domestically and internationally, always striving to effectively assist patients. Dr. Piotr is known for his empathy and patience, dedicating ample time to conversations with patients to ensure that all aspects of the proposed treatment plan are clear and meet their needs.

Privately, he is a happy husband and fulfilled father of two children, with a passion for off-road travel. As part of the interdisciplinary team at GOODENT, Dr. Piotr Siniarski specializes in treating patients in the field of oral surgery and implant prosthodontics.

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