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Dental surgery

Dental surgery.

Deals with surgical treatment of the oral cavity and its surroundings. Modern dentistry strives to treat teeth rather than remove them by all available methods. The need to remove a tooth is a last resort, and fortunately it now happens less and less often.

If you decide to have a surgical procedure at the Goodent clinic, you can be sure that you will receive expert care from experienced doctors, and the procedure itself will be carried out in accordance with the highest standards of treatment, under carefully selected local anesthesia.

In our clinic we perform the following procedures:

  • Removal of teeth
  • Removal of wisdom teeth (eights)
  • Surgical removal of retained teeth (unerupted teeth)
  • Hemisection of a tooth
  • Tooth radectomy
  • Plasticity of the oropharyngeal junction
  • Resections of the root apex
  • Extraction of a cyst
  • Undercutting of the frenulum of the lip, tongue
  • Incision of an abscess
  • Lengthening of the clinical crown of a tooth
  • Restoration (guided regeneration) of alveolar bone defects