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Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry.

Is a complex effort to maintain healthy, natural and strong teeth. It consists of both prevention and treatment. The most common problem it deals with is the treatment of tooth decay.

Goodent Clinic attaches great importance to protecting and maintaining its patients’ natural, healthy teeth for as long as possible. This can be achieved through prevention and proper treatment. We encourage our patients to take care of their teeth every day at home and to make regular use of free check-ups at our clinic. And if a problem does occur, we ensure thorough diagnosis and selection of an appropriate treatment method to suit the patient’s individual needs.

We perform all procedures with local anesthesia, because our goal is pain-free treatment!

At Goodent clinic, we use high-quality filling materials in a wide range of colors. As a result, the fillings are durable and have the shape and color of a natural tooth. We make every effort to ensure that the end result of the treatment is aesthetically pleasing and provides maximum comfort to the patient.