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In a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, in the best-equipped GOODENT interiors, we want to offer you high-quality comprehensive treatment from all fields of dentistry.

Ikona: Prevention


Prevention is better than cure - this principle always holds true, including in dentistry.
Ikona: Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry

The beautiful and healthy smiles of those who have entrusted us are the goal of all our actions.
Ikona: The basis of pediatric dentistry

The basis of pediatric dentistry

Your child's first visit to the dentist should take place in the first year of life when baby teeth appear.
Ikona: Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment

When your dental issue requires root canal treatment, don't panic! Reach out to us.
Ikona: Implants


You need to make a decision about filling the gaps in your dentition, and you may be concerned about deep intervention in healthy teeth or discomfort associated with wearing a removable denture.
Ikona: Prosthodontics


Loss or damage to a tooth can happen to anyone at any age. Are you self-conscious about your smile?
Ikona: Prosthodontics in one day

Prosthodontics in one day

Prosthodontics utilizing digital technology (CEREC).
Ikona: Dental surgery

Dental surgery

Sometimes, despite efforts to maintain healthy teeth, surgical treatment becomes necessary.
Ikona: Orthodontics


Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of malocclusions, dental irregularities, and other disorders within the oral cavity, such as shortened frenula, improper tongue function, or mouth breathing.
Ikona: Invisalign


Do you have sensitive teeth, unpleasant breath, and notice bleeding while brushing? This may indicate that you suffer from periodontal disease.
Ikona: Gum disease

Gum disease

Periodontology deals with the prevention and treatment of gum and periodontal diseases, commonly known as periodontitis.
Ikona: Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

A cosmetic procedure involving lightening the color of teeth by several shades and removing stains and discolorations in the enamel and dentin.
Ikona: Radiovisiography


There are situations where making the correct diagnosis is only possible through additional examinations, most commonly radiological ones.

Discover a new quality of smile with the Invisalign ® aligner system

Treatment with the Invisalign® System involves wearing a set of transparent, removable aligners that gradually straighten your teeth. The aligners are made of flexible plastic - SmartTrack™ thermoplastic material. The doctor prepares a unique, digital treatment plan that specifies the precise movements of each tooth. Then, the aligners are prepared, which exert the right forces in the right places at the right time according to your treatment plan. The doctor supervises all stages of the treatment, monitors its progress, and ensures the proper fit of the aligners.

Our team.

Goodent dental clinic was established to help others in need. The patient is always our top priority. It is with them and their issues in mind that we created this place. At Goodent clinics in Wawer or Mokotów, you can benefit from top-quality dental services.

We appreciate the loyalty of our patients

As a regular patient of GOODENT Clinic:

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  • twice a year, we will invite you for a free check-up visit
  • we will remind you of the date of your upcoming appointment via SMS
  • you will have access to the free GOODENT mobile application

GOODENT Mobile App

  • you will have convenient access to your Treatment Card and visit history
  • you can access your X-ray images
  • you can book your next appointment online
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GOODENT Dental Clinic.

We care about your beautiful smile.

GOODENT dental clinics offer dental assistance, starting from diagnostics, through prevention, conservative dentistry, microscopic root canal treatment, to surgery, implantology, and modern prosthetics.

Great heart for working with children.

Our youngest patients are taken care of by a pediatric dentist. Our doctors can perceive and understand the reactions and needs of a little patient. In the dental clinic, we take care of the youngest patients with special care.

Prosthetics in one day.

Goodent dental clinics work with the use of an intraoral digital scanner and CEREC device, allowing for the production of prosthetic restorations much faster than the traditional method.

Healthy smile. Satisfied patients.

Goodent Dental Clinic was created to help others. The patient is always our top priority. With them and their problems in mind, we created this place.

Piotr, Radość
"An extremely friendly place for people who like to handle everything at once, as well as for the biggest scaredy-cats who have always avoided dentists. Thanks to the wonderful staff, a feeling of safety and trust is guaranteed."

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